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Flat roof connected to pitch roof

A flat roof isn't actually flat; it has a slope of 2 3°

It appears to be flat, but it needs a slope to allow the water to drain from the roof. For slopes less than 9,5° roof shingles cannot be installed. Instead the roof must be done with a modified bituminous membrane (e.g. Armourvalley) or other materials like EPDM, PVC or TPO covering.

Enlarging the living area of your house or building project often requires the reconstruction or remodeling of some parts of this building. Most of the time the existing roof is not suitable for the house addition, so installing a new roof over the additional square meters is usually required. When coming across a renovation project nowadays, you often see people choosing for a flat roof construction. This flat roof is an excellent and economical choice for an addition. A flat roof can be connected to the existing slope roof of the house and gives a very contemporary look to the newly added space.

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