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Formosan termite season South Louisiana

The Formosan termite season in the South begins in April, though swarms really start to ramp up in early May. You'll likely begin to notice an increase in swarms at night, especially around porch and street lights.

They'll continue to swarm through the end of June and are more likely to appear following heavy rains, when temperatures are near 80 degrees and when winds are below 5 mph.

Termites a gross sight to see on your evening walk, but they're also an invasive species and the most destructive structural pest in Louisiana, according to the LSU AgCenter.

How can I keep my house safe ahead of time?

• Fill in any cracks that could offer termites access to your home, especially around cement foundation or where utilities meet the wall

• Fix leaks immediately

• Keep vents free from blockage, including plants

• Don't plant trees and shrubs too close to your home

• Don't allow trees or shrubs to grow against exposed wood surfaces

• Avoid piling or storing firewood or wood debris next to the house

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